Exploring data


  • Lab 00 - Logistics: Overview of lab policies; class survey and pretest; create github and RStudio Cloud accounts
  • Lab 01 - Hello R!: Working with RStudio Cloud, R, R markdown, and version control
  • Lab 02 - Data wrangling and visualization: Summarizing data using ggplot2 and dplyr
  • Lab 03 - Visualizing spatial data: Using spatial data to examine the clustering of Denny’s restaurants and La Quinta hotels; importance of visualizing spatial data (John Snow)
  • Lab 04 - Wrangling spatial data: Working further with the dataset from Lab 03 using new tidyverse functions
  • Lab 05 - Simpson’s paradox: Review of Simpson’s Paradox using data from a study on smoking in Whickham, England

Homework assignments

  • HW 01 - Ugly Charts: Improving a poor data visualization by using the principles discussed in class
  • HW 02 - Gotta catch ’em all: Visualizing Pokémon Go data and interpreting the results