Looking further

In the last unit we present a series of modules such as interactive reporting and visualization with Shiny, text analysis, machine learning, and Bayesian inference. These are independent modules that educators can choose to include in their introductory data science curriculum depending on how much time they have left in the semester. Note that the slides in this unit are a bit more sparse than the others, and much of the content is delivered as live coding sessions.

Slides, videos, and application exercises

Unit 5 - Deck 1: Text analysis

Unit 5 - Deck 2: Comparing texts

Unit 5 - Deck 3: Interactive web apps

Unit 5 - Deck 4: Machine learning

Unit 5 - Deck 5: Interactive data visualisation

Unit 5 - Deck 6: Interactive data visualisation and reporting

Unit 5 - Deck 7: Bayesian inference


Lab 13: Working on projects

Fitting and interpreting simple linear regression models

Lab 14: Collaboration on GitHub

Fitting and interpreting simple linear regression models

Homework assignments

HW 10: Wrapping up

Model validation and inference